Synonym of Excellence
Honey, a versatile product that we have been working with for four generations. Our family heritage in the beekeeping sector has allowed us not only to know the secrets of the sweetest, richest and most beneficial honeys; We have also been able to explore to discover new flavors that conquer even the most demanding palates through our ranges.


Currently, the social environment requires companies to adopt socially responsible positions, which is why at Honey Mayem we are committed to practices that promote positive attitudes, priorities and values. In this sense, values such as transparency and innovation are patent in all our areas of action since our inception.

Our mission

Continually seek perfection

Our 100% Spanish honey satisfies the demands of our clients both in terms of quality and management. In addition, we are an innovative company capable of taking our honeys to a demanding national and international market, and we always do so from a committed perspective ready to differentiate ourselves from the rest of honeys.

Vision towards the future

Leading the international honey market

We aspire to become an international benchmark in the beekeeping sector at all levels, with special emphasis on the quality of our Spanish honeys and the sustainability of our processes. Past and present are an inseparable pairing to build our future, so every day we continue working to reach our goal.

Nuestros valores
Honey Mayem is a modern and competitive company that extols the naturalness of bee products.


Since 1915 and after more than four generations dedicated to the honey sector.


Our extensive experience in the national honey sector allows us to have the best network of beekeepers, where we select only the best Spanish honeys.


The clients satisfaction is our best reward. Trust and good work are our compass to achieve business excellence.