Tradition, quality and expertise

Spanish quality honey specialists´

Our history

At Mayem Honey we are backed by the experience of over four generations dedicated to the honey sector since 1915.

Our philosophy is based on seeking the traditional essence, through our own unique perspective – an innovative viewpoint with its own identity.

Our project was consolidated by Ximo Martínez Primo, who set the goal of aiming for and attaining excellence in Spanish honeys over twenty years ago.

Our values

Honey Mayem is a modern, competitive company that extols the naturalness of beekeeping products.


Over four generations dedicated to the honey sector


We guarantee that all our honeys are 100% Spanish.


We have over 20 years’ experience in the honey sector

Our products

All our honeys are 100% from Spain and with the best quality.
Our products are the result of a traditional and professional process.